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April 11, 2024
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April 11, 2024

Farmers’ Market Fruit Dip

April 11, 2024

I adore the farmers' market, it is one of the best things about summer. I was so excited to go there this week and finally find something other than flowers. I got honey and fresh strawberries! I was hoping for spinach, since mine is done already, but no greens at all. Maybe next week. The wonderful lady who sells honey and handmade lavendar/honey soaps gives out recipes each week to use with her honey. This week it was for a whipped honey fruit dip, perfect for the fresh strawberries I purchased. It also went well with the peaches and plums I had at home. This dip would be great for a summer barbeque.

Farmers' Market Fruit Dip
Whip 3/4 c. heavy cream till slightly thick.
2 T. honey
1 T. orange juice
1 tsp. lemon juice
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
Fold into whipped cream, serve with assorted fresh fruit.

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